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Health and Safety Tips

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Let's Play!

Let's Play

The Counting Game

Count the  Medical Buddies® in each group in the picture to the right. Then, explain what each Medical Buddy does as a Medical Supply.

Submit your answer and our Medical Buddies® will send you their Secret Code to their Secret Sound Control, this will register you for a chance to win a Medical Buddy and coloring book.


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How many Temps do you see?
How many Ackobars® did you count?
How many Medical Buddies® are there total?
Explain what each Medical Buddies® does as a Medical Supply. Example: Temp®- Checks your temperature.

Short Stories

Web Short StoryRead the story below. In this story, which one of the Medical Buddies® should nurse May use? Fill out the form below with the correct names of the Medical Buddies®.

"The teacher knew that something was wrong with Billy.  His face was bright red and he was coughing very badly.  Mrs. Brown told Billy to go the nurse's office so that she could take a look at him and find out what was going on.

By the time Billy got to the office he was moaning. "Ah... Oh... Ah...," said Billy.  Nurse May saw how red Billy was and decided to first check his temperature to  see if he may have a fever.

Which of the Medical Buddies® show to the right did Nurse May use to check Billy's temperature?

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When you have a fever, do you feel hot or cold?
Which Medical Buddy Did Nurse May Use?
Explain how nurse May will know if Billy has a fever or not.

ABC's with the Medical Buddies®

The Letter BLook at the pictures to the right. Can you name six (6) things that start with the Letter "B"? Fill in the blanks below starting with Bandio.

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Fill out six things that begin with the letter 'B' in the boxes below.
Enter your favorite Medical Buddy and the letter it starts with.