About Us

Uth Full Learning®, LLC. is a special organization designed for kids with the help of Kids in founder, Theresa Freeman's household. This unique company was inspired and founded by JeReese Freeman & his mother, Theresa Freeman in Jan., 2001 and nurtured through two miraculous years on his road to recovery.

JeReese, Theresa’s eight year old special-needs son who has undergone 24 surgeries and countless medical procedures, is the inspiration for the development of the product line. He continues to provide input by his reaction to his mother’s ever growing circle of medical buddy friends.

Theresa Freeman has developed a cast of interactive characters, toys, presentations, live performances and educational materials, which medical professional, doctors, and parents can use to help their small patients through the stress of uncomfortable and sometimes painful medical procedures.

The Morning Buddies®, as they are called, help a child to understand, at their level what is going to happen during the visit and why... Who does not fear a syringe, antiseptic alcohol, a gauze bandage, a cold stethoscope or a thermometer? These cause apprehension in adults, so think about what is going on in a child’s mind.

Her take-off on easing a child’s fears are to transform the instruments used by the doctor, into fun comforting plush take-along characters.

Each character is a soft, cuddly, and colorful toy designed as a replica of its more threatening counterpart.

Theresa and her Medical Buddies® have come to life through their introductory cartoon episodes as well as their Company Biography and CBS 11 News cover story.

Her accomplishments are shown through many achievement awards as well as being recognized and featured in several health fairs and social events.